Terry & Brenda

About The Royal Chocolate

Sometimes you just feel as if you’ve given it all you’ve got to someone else’s business, becoming unfulfilled and a little bored with what you’re doing. The options are to change jobs (and restart the cycle) or get out there and start something new. We opted for the latter and on December 15, 2006 we opened our doors!

And we have found our “niche”. It’s not to say we don’t constantly find new and exciting products to offer or something different as a service, but we stay true to what we are—Gourmet Chocolate! From the products we choose to carry to our own line of Royal Chocolates and Gourmet Apples to our exquisite gift baskets, we’re all about quality, freshness, superior selections, and remarkable customer service!

When you start a business from nothing—the concrete wasn’t even fully poured in our space when we signed the lease—and build a viable business it’s very rewarding. Then, when you go out into the community and hear “Oh, I just LOVE your store!”, when you see customers coming back in regularly, when you look at employees who are working diligently and smiling (some of whom have been with us since we opened!), when you have the ability to give back to the community through charitable sponsorships—well, it’s just that much sweeter!

We proudly offer our products to you on line but we sincerely hope that you’ll come in to see what we’ve created, and after you leave, you’ll want to tell others “Oh, I just LOVE that store!!”